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Peace for the Future

We have collected and provided funds for the entire period of the Foundation's operation:


Humanitarian aid


Assistance to the afu


Medical care

The results of our activities in the reports

We promptly provide assistance for every request in disaster areas, frontline and de-occupied territories.

Our projects

We purchase and deliver medicines for an ophthalmology clinic that helps military personnel treat eye injuries.

Assistance to AFU

Our foundation purchases and delivers aid to the military
in the war zone. Your donation saves lives of our defenders!

Valuable Insights in Our Blog

Discover helpful tips for emotional well-being and practical information to bring victory closer through the Foundation's blog.

Useful information

How to start investing from scratch in a time of war?

Together with an experienced investor Olena Shameko, we are talking about investments and finding additional income during the war in Ukraine. We will learn how to save our money and increase it despite any complicating circumstances.
Useful information

How to manage finances in a crisis

With the onset of a full-scale war, many people have faced stress and suffered material losses. In this article, our guest expert on financial literacy, investments, and coaching, Yulia Banit, will share information on how you can stop losing money in crisis situations and why it happens.
Useful information

Changing professions and investing during the war

We continue our series of publications on financial literacy and establishing a relationship with money during the war in Ukraine. In this article, Ksenia Gubanova, an expert on financial literacy and investments, talks about how to gradually achieve financial stability and get out of the red.

Our partners

We are grateful to our partners! With their support, we can help even more people. You are welcome to join us!

Our contacts

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.


Every day we receive requests for help from people affected by the war from all over Ukraine

How do I get humanitarian aid?

To leave a request for humanitarian assistance, fill out the form on the website.

You can also write private messages to the foundation's Instagram account, and we will unsubscribe you as soon as possible.

Do I need to provide documents?

Yes. Important: we will not transfer your data anywhere. We need it to ensure that you are a living person and really need help.

List of documents that are required: ··

For large families, disabled people, and mothers who themselves raise children:
Documentary photo confirmation of the status of your family or person
Feedback data

For people affected by emergencies or military events:
Data together with the place of residence
Brief description of the event and consequences of the damage

‍For orphanages, and shelters for the elderly (hospices):
Letter of appeal from the management of the institution
Registration documents of the institution
The content of the request in any form

‍For the military:
Letter of appeal (request) with a clear list of the required, full name of the part, with the signature of the management, date, and wet seal (if possible)
Contact details for feedback

Important: personal appeals from the military are not accepted. Please combine requests at the battalion level or higher.

In all cases, in the case of personal interaction, we necessarily draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of the assistance provided to the authorized person who accepts it.

What exactly are you helping?

We help with foods, hygiene products, household goods, equipment, medicines, and medical goods.

We work with each case case-by-case basis and collect assistance based on needs. If you need something specific, let us know. 

In which regions do you deliver aid?

We deliver aid all over Ukraine. The priority is the regions affected by the hostilities.

I have not been answered for 2 days. Why?

We process applications one at a time. Please don't worry. We will contact you. Sometimes you need to wait a few days.

Still have questions?

Contact us in writing by mail:

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